New Peel Menu!

I have now added more peels by Dermaquest and Hylunia. I now offer a wide range of peels from very mild to aggressive. I have SOOO many options now I have broken down the choices into categories of peeling and once you come in for treatment we will have a brief consultation and decide which option is best for you. The new menu goes into affect Tuesday February 26Th. I have added the new items to the online menu so you can book an appointment online now.

Combination Chemical Peels $225 & Up: The highest levels of acids I offer. These are done with several passes of high level acids used alone or combined with other acids. You WILL have downtime with these peels 7-14days expected **Free 15min follow up appointment within 7 days of peel

Chemical Peels $125 & up : Mild downtime, dryness and flaking expected. TCA, and Modified Jessners. **Free 15min follow up appointment within 7 days of peel

Resurfacers $85 & Up: Higher levels of acids, peptides, and enzymes. There is a chance of slight dryness and flaking.
Mild Resurfacers $25 and up: Very mild low levels of pure acids, or combined. Lactic, Mandelic, Salicylic, Glycolic, Kojic. Customized and chosen specifically for each clients individual needs, concerns.

Enzyme Peels $20 & Up: Fruit and plant based enzymes like cherry, pumpkin, papaya are just some of the options available. Customized depending on your particular skin needs