Introducing the MangoBrite Resurfacer

MangoBrite Resurfacer $50
$135 for a series of 3

A truly evolved peel that is excellent for adult acne, sensitive & dry skin, and hyperpigmentation.
MangoBrite is an excellent treatment for age management, and adult acne. Rich in Enzymes and Vitamin C, Mango Pulp and Orange Stem Cells gently exfoliate and brighten the skin. Performance ingredients. Lactic Acid increase hydration and improve skin texture while Kojic Acid reduce the appearance of dark spots, giving the skin an additional brightening boost.


Mango Pulp contains high amounts of Vitamin C and Beta-Carotene. Beta-Carotene is a potent antioxidant that fights premature aging. It will promote cell turnover, and enhance overall apprearance by increasing skin suppleness.
Orange Stem Cells uphold notable anti inflammatory and anti aging qualities. These citrus saviors will reduce puffiness and increase collagen production.
30% Lactic Acid is an extreme hydrator, offering gentle exfoliation. This non-abrasive Alpha Hydroxy Acid, assists in improving skin tone and texture, decreases the size of pores and upholds antibacterial properties to address acne.
3% Kojic Acid functions as a skin-brightener which will even skin tone and reduce hyperpigmentation. It is a recommended alternative for clients with sensitivity to hydroquinone. Similar to Lactic Acid, this ingredient will fight bacteria and help reduce acne breakouts.

This treatment is not only new to me but new to Dermaquest. I have been doing this revolutionary treatment on my clients for the last month and the results are AMAZING! I am OBSESSED! I have seen the difference just one of these can do for the most sensitive, or problematic skin. My clients have experienced little or no downtime at all.