Meet Amanda Smash:

Established in 2009

I feel that I offer something special and that is a true passion for each and every one of my clients needs. I offer a level of personalization and service that only a boutique spa like mine can offer.

Meet the Business Owner: Amanda Smash

Established in 2004

I am a proud independent business owner. Not an impersonal corporation. Support small local business!

I am an experienced professional with a successful career in Aesthetics, sales, banking, business development, and lending.

I began working at a very young age and was incredibly goal orientated and successful but I felt that there was something in my professional life that was missing.

I have always had a passion for skin care and in 2003 I decided to change my life and pursue what I truly loved.

I am a strong believer that your job should be doing something that you really love. We spend more time working then we do with our friends, and family.

That’s why now I fix your face and wax your place!


Amanda Smash

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