Listen to your Aesthetician: Hard wax vs. Soft wax

I have clients come in, or call asking if I use hard wax. I always have to pause take a breath and try to not scream, “NO!” I have been waxing for a decade now and I can honestly say “I HATE the stuff.” People have been led to believe the hype that its better and that the waxer is inexperienced or using an inferior product. This is a bold face lie.
The companies that produce the stuff have sold the aesthetics industry thus selling the public the lies that it is more gentle, more effective, and you receive a better wax. Lies, lies, lies. It takes longer, doesn’t work on everyone, and funny enough is more expensive.
Hard wax has to have a set up period, which means you wait, and wait, and wait, and wait for the junk to harden. That is IF it hardens if the client has a higher body temp it doesn’t harden at all, sound super fun…right? Once the hard wax actually decides to harden you get to do the oh so lovely flick and peel. Nothing sounds more luxurious and painless than flicking hardened wax off my lips…no thank you. You go through all this and then the stupid hard wax still leaves hairs behind so you get to do it all over again..HOORAY!
With my dear trusted best friend soft wax this is not the case. I use a low temp soft wax that I spread it on pull it off. I can use it all over the body never having to slow my pace and then you are out of there in a jiff. No hairs left behind. Years of experience tells me that clients want this service done AS FAST AS POSSIBLE!!! So, that’s exactly what I do.
The companies that produce hard wax also make it in fun flavors and scents to try and draw you into believing its not going to be painful. These scents and flavors are synthetic and aren’t made from natural organic material like they would like you to believe. The soft waxes I use are 5 ingredients or less and I can pronounce every ingredient and know what it is what it does and that there won’t be any allergic reactions for my clients. Keep it simple keep it clean that’s my motto.
The bottom line is waxing is going to hurt. You are ripping hairs out by the root, you are going to get red maybe irritated. Its all about the expertise of your technician. I once had a friend who was curious as to how many waxes I have done in my career crunch the numbers and we figured out that I have done over 60,000 waxes in my career. I am proud to call myself an expert after my years and if you are a client of mine you know I am one of the best waxers in town. My goal is to give you the best wax, at the best price in the shortest time, and as painless as possible. In conclusion I got your back (and your backside)