SPA IN A BOX- Chocolate Bliss

SPA IN A BOX- Chocolate Bliss


Introducing Hylunia’s new vegan Chocolate Bliss Facial so that you can give some much-needed TLC to your skin. And to your mind and body! Go ahead, give yourself a treat! This is your YOU-time! All you need is Hylunia’s new Chocolate Bliss Facial set, your favorite chocolate and champagne.

  • Benefits

    • This luxurious facial will relax you and refresh your mind
    • Its plant stem cells, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid will replenish and hydrate your skin
    • Creates a layer of protection from environmental stressors
    • Helps you achieve healthy and glowing skin
    • Suitable for: All skin types



  • Directions:

    Preparation Chose a comfortable location, play your favorite relaxing music, light an aromatic candle and place the products in order according to each step. You can have your own Chocolate and a glass of Champagne.<
    STEP 1: Facial Cleansing Lotion With damp hands and face, apply a small amount of the cleansing lotion to your hands and give yourself a relaxing facial cleansing massage, being aware of taking deep breaths and slowly massaging your skin. Rinse with lukewarm water and pat dry.
    STEP 2: Rose water Mist, Chocolate Powder in Jar and Anti-Oxidant Mask in packets.

      • Mist face with Rose water Mist, allow to dry.
      • Open two of the Anti-Oxidant Mask in packets and squeeze into one of the chocolate powder jars and mix well with the fan brush provided
      • *Chocolate is a vasodilator and can make your skin flushed temporarily.
      • Sensitive skin test: Apply a small amount to the back of the ear. Check the back of the ear for any tingling or redness or burning. If there is no reaction for 5 minutes you can continue.
      • Apply the mask mixture to the face with the fan brush. Avoid the eye area.
      • Leave on for 20 minutes and relax in a nice hot bath or comfortable chair. You can have your own chocolate and champagne.

    Optional add-On: If you purchased the Anti- Stress aromatherapy oil, take two drops on your hand, rub your hands together, hold them a few inches from your face and take a nice, deep breath. After you inhale, say “I am “and then exhale and say “relaxed”. Repeat 3 times.

    • After 20 minutes, remove the mask thoroughly with a dark damp towel (may stain light towels) Mist with Rose Water.

    STEP 3: Ultimate Anti-Oxidant Cream

    • Apply the Ultimate Anti-oxidant cream to the entire face and neck.