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Amanda Hyde

Your skin is the literally the largest part of you.

Show it some true love!


My name is Amanda and I’m a holistic aesthetician with an intuitive approach. After over 20 years in the beauty industry, I’ve developed a method of whole-body skin care that treats clients from the inside out and supports them through each stage of the healing process – all while tackling the pesky surface-level stuff, too.

Clients call me a skincare therapist because I help them connect with their skin on a visceral level. Yes, we treat skin conditions with the latest formulations and technology, but we also delve into the emotional side of your skin’s reactivity to better understand what’s coming up and how to prevent it from happening again. Empowering each client with this level of personalized support allows them to take charge of their own skincare regimen and leave knowing I’ve got their back (and their front!).

At Amanda Hyde Skin, we use plant-based, holistic-minded products and modalities proven to support skin health without unnecessarily harsh or damaging side effects. I got my start working in celebrity medical spas throughout Los Angeles and I predicted early on that clients were soon going to care – and ask specific questions – about ingredients, components, and exactly what their providers were doing to their skin. Those are the kind of clients I work with today.

When I started my business thirteen years ago, I researched services, modalities, and products that were developed with intention and a like-minded ethos, and if I didn’t use it on my own face, it wouldn’t appear on my menu. Now I describe my offerings as cutting-edge meets holistic. My clients know they’ll get an honest, informed, and friendly answer to any skincare questions they might have.

It’s no surprise that many of my clients have become my closest friends – I care about them just as much as I do their glowing skin. I want to make healthy skin accessible to everyone, regardless of wealth or privilege, and I look forward to spreading the great-skin gospel with every new client I meet.

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